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Terms and Conditions


1. Copyright

1.1 Notes on copyright

All information, articles and illustrations published on this Website as well as the layout itself are protected by copyright. Any use not permitted under copyright laws requires prior written approval by anmoc press.

This is especially true of multiplication, dissemination, distribution, processing, translation, storage, changes and reproduction of content in the form of databases or other electronic media and systems. Photocopies and downloads of Webpages may only be made without prior written permission for personal, private and non-commercial purposes.

All brand marks used on our Websites are subject to protection under brand laws even if the respective rights holder is not explicitly mentioned.

1.2 Reprints and publication

Reprints and publication are permissible, albeit only if no changes are made to the original, as long as the complete source (annmoc press, Seoul) is stated. Information marked with a © may only be used with prior permission.


2. Liability

anmoc press follows domestic laws of South Korea.


3. Commercial use

anmoc press is strictly against any commercial use and transmission of its data.